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Welcome Ulli!

When Ulli (Ulrike) Broghammer rides the streetcar, she sees it as a connection to the world of experience of the people for whom mHealth is important. Because they all are! There is no doubt in her mind that digital health applications are the future. As a UI/UX designer, her aim is always to give people access to knowledge and digital applications. Usability is therefore very close to her heart – ultimately, it’s about being able to understand technology visually so that people enjoy using it.
For Ulli, UX design means combining creativity with aesthetics, but also with logical structures. “Software development and UX design simply belong together for a good health app,” says Ulli. She likes the fact that fluid sees it the same way. Ulli has been a member of the fluidfamily since November 2022, not only because the work-life balance works well here. In any case, nobody here wants to do without them.

fluid questionnaire

The famous questionnaire reveals a bit more about Ulli, her humor and why she appreciates both home office and the fluid headquarters…

If you were an app, what would be your bug?

Before 6:30 a.m.: Oops, something seems to have gone wrong. Please try again at a later date!

What did you want to be when you were 10?

Architect. Back then, I understood good architecture very differently than I do today. But I still find it exciting.

Where does sustainability shape your actions?

I probably succeed best when it comes to mobility. I use public transport and my bike very consistently and I walk a lot. I haven’t been on an airplane for years, as I don’t like flying anyway.

What’s the best thing about working from home – and what’s the best thing about the office?

As there is no travel time, I have more time for my family in the home office and am more flexible when there are school vacations. But I definitely didn’t want to miss the time in the office! You can’t simply replace personal conversations and breaks together.

Master of order or tamer of chaos?

Rather the latter… For me, it always starts with chaos. But as soon as I have an idea of the direction I want something to take, I have to put it in order!

What is the first thing you tell someone who is thinking about starting in fluid?

The people here are just all super nice.

Do you remember any giveaways? One that has stayed with you?

Shockingly, I actually remember a terribly ugly ballpoint pen with the company logo floating around in a mass of gel. (No, it was NOT fluid – it doesn’t have ugly pens, Note. the ed.). But the part just felt good in the hand…

Can you think of an example from everyday life where you are still annoyed by the poor user experience?

Large screw-top jars. Especially if you have to open them with small hands.

What’s on your bedside table?

The bedside table was replaced by a bitch a few years ago. Since then, the alarm clock has also become obsolete. If we sleep too long, we yawn excessively loudly. Or snorted. Fortunately, she doesn’t bark!

What topic could you talk about for hours?

Visions of the future and utopias. However, it can sometimes be helpful to ignore the word and think in a completely new way. Many ideas only come to me when I’m talking.

Welcome to the team!