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More Glory for Prevention

It was a strong first event, the PREVENTURE in Berlin on October 24 at Telekom’s representative office in the capital (a great location). The event was organized by the German Association for Digital Healthcare (SVDGV), CyberHealth GmbH and T-Systems international. Inga Bergen moderated the event and Tom Dederichs provided exercise modules to ensure that the participants’ health was not neglected during the event.

fluidmobile was there as an exhibitor. After all, we know that good concepts need a technologically feasible concept before they can be implemented – and we are also experts in the product development of mobile software as a medical device. Because as one visitor told us in conversation: she has already seen some great ventures fail because of poorly made software…

From Sick Health to Health Care

The event brought together digital health stakeholders who want to achieve something to improve prevention. Today, only around 2.5 % of healthcare expenditure is used for prevention. Our healthcare system is geared towards treating existing diseases. A change in thinking towards incentives for prevention and health literacy has yet to be created among all those involved.

More Glory for Prevention

How can prevention be integrated into care today? This was the focus of keynote speeches, labs and exhibitor talks, and of course the lively exchange between the 250 or so participants.

That’s what we took away from Berlin:

  • People need to be picked up so that they can find existing prevention services. This includes information on platforms, early detection, accessible testing and trusted sources of health literacy
  • Socio-economic status must not be an obstacle to this access. The different living environments (including language skills) should be taken on board.
  • Wearables and artificial intelligence should be used for prevention. New legal foundations must be created for this.
  • Using health data for individualized prevention must be a primary goal, as the analysis of health data can be a means of identifying risks and taking measures at an early stage.
  • Digital health formats can function ideally as a tool for prevention and should find their way into care pathways.

Overall, there was a great sense of optimism for new business models and innovative formats.

We will be back next year when the motto is: More Glory for Prevention.