Neu im Team: Yessine Choura

Lesezeit: 2 Minuten

Hey everyone! Before we jumpstart into our weekend, we have some very exciting news for you. We would like to introduce our first English speaking employee Yessine. He is from Tunisia and we are very happy to welcome him into our fluidhome. For sure you are just as excited to learn more about him, which is why Yessine has already answered all 10 fluid questions for you. Have fun reading!


1. Since when are you a part of fluidmobile and what exactly do you do here? 

I have been working for fluidmobile since mid-October as a Junior iOS Developer.

2. What did you do before? 

I was a software engineer student working as an intern. Before that, I received my bachelor’s degree in science and technologies of information and telecommunication.

3. What fascinates you about your work? 

Definitely the people standing behind Apple. The way they think about their users, the perfection they show in each of their products is just fascinating.

4. Which three apps could you not live without? 

Apple Music, WhatsApp and Pokemon Go

5. How would you explain to your grandma what you are working on here? 

I would tell her that I’m working on ways to help people connect using their cell phones.

6. What is one thing you for sure want to do in your lifetime? 

I would love to meet open and friendly people and have every kind of conversation. That would make me super happy.

7. Fraction coffee or fraction Club Mate? 


8. Rather iOS or Android? 

Android doesn’t even stand a chance.

9. What do you like to do once you’ve closed the office door? 

It really depends on my mood, but meeting the people that I love is one of the things I like most.

10. What else should we know about you? 

You should know that I LOVE French fries, pizza, cheese cake, online games, meeting people, my work, traveling, swimming, football, going to the sauna, watching movies and that I can be a good listener.


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